Backyard with patio overlooking lake


A patio serves as an extension of your home, and is often the focal point of your backyard landscape. Improve the appearance of your yard, and create the perfect place to host parties, barbeques, and gatherings. Design a beautiful and stylish outdoor space to relax and entertain with friends and family. Henley Contracting’s professional patio installation crew is eager to help you create the perfect dream outdoor living space.



The first step in creating your ideal outdoor patio is to consider what the main purpose of your patio is going to be. Do you want a full outdoor kitchen, or a small grill? Will you need plenty of useable space to entertain party guests, or have a quiet private space for yourself and family? Our team is happy to take all these things into consideration to help incorporate your needs into the design and find the perfect choice for your home, landscape, and lifestyle.

Henley Contracting Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company that was established in 1989. We specialize in custom home building and renovations, including a wide range of exterior remodeling options. A custom patio can be made using material in a wide variety of colours, styles, and shapes to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional entertainment area that matches the style of the rest of your property.

Our professional patio installation team can transform your property into the perfect backyard paradise. Contact us today! Our sales team would be happy to answer any inquiries about the services we have to offer and discuss the budget and scope of your project.

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